Car conversations is a project about space. It places large numbers of 1:43 scale toy cars in different environments in ways that illuminate the space at a macro and micro level. In some versions, local residents are asked to record themselves traveling in cars and these conversations are played back from miniature speakers placed inside the toy cars so people can lean in and listen to them. It has received several significant commissions nationally and each one has seen the work develop and change. To date it has attracted over eight thousand viewers.

‘A wonderful idea. I love the thought of someone innocently walking down the street and encountering people crouching down to listen to toy cars’

‘Exquisitely different’

finally an art show that engages the locals and is truly interactive

‘Car Conversations is a superb work’ (David Boultbe, Bread Art Collective Arts Festival)

‘Interesting and thought provoking - art is of the street’

Car conversations: 2010-2016 (Installation)

click here to see film extracts from Wandsworth Arts Festival


2016 Solo show, Artsdepot, London.

2013 London Road Festival in Stoke Axis Arts Centre, Cheshire

2013 Z Arts intergeneration exhibition, Manchester

2012 Shimmy commission: Wandsworth Arts Festival

2011 Solo exhibition: Curating Knowledge series, Axis Arts Centre, Cheshire

2011 Chorlton Arts Festival, This Way Up - curated by Bread Art Collective

2010 Up The Walls site specific festival, Chester  2010

[the soundtrack to this slide show contains some colourful language]