‘the movement felt as if it is was being discovered for the first time (this I really liked)’ (Jacqueline McCormack, Artistic Director Cheshire Dance Workshop)

Wordsolos received significant touring funding from the Arts council to tour with both Andrea Buckley and Lisi Perry’s work company Collision. It was performed and devised by Anna Macdonald and Katie and Helen, with direction from Mark Whitelaw and choreographic input from Paula Hampson.

‘…. a fascinating combination of formality and matter-of-factness all at once.’  (Prof Allen Fisher, poet and visual artist)

Wordsolos is a thoughtful reflection on childhood, ageing, place and possibility performed by a thirty three year old woman and a twelve year old girl. This rich fusion of dance and live art uses images, movements and text taken from the places the performers grew up in, inviting the viewer to savour and celebrate the irrevocable change embodied in the different physicalities of the two performers. 

‘restrained, economical, nothing obvious, but at the same time, beautifully clear and very poignant’ (Rachel Duerden, Dance Writer)

‘I found the work very moving and I felt touched by the integrity of both performers.  The work was both complex and simplistic at the same time, drawing the audience in and giving time for reflection.  Anna Macdonald’s sensitivity, vulnerability and powerfully present dancing created a wonderful experience.’ (Lisa Dowler, Merseyside Dance Initiative)

wordsolos: 2008-2009