2014 Art Currents Gallery, New York

2011 Roar, Raw, Rare, Bluecoat Gallery, Liverpool

2011 Moves11 International Festival of Movement onscreen, Liverpool

2011 Peter Scott Gallery - Time Pieces Exhibition

2011 IDN Videodance festival, Barcelona

2010 DANSCAMDANSE International Dance Film Festival, Belgium

2010 VideodanzaBA International Festival of Video Dance, Argentina

2010 Dance Cuts Festival , Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster

2010 International women’s day exhibition - Axis open space, Cheshire

Editor: Anna Macdonald

Performers: Penny Collinson, Anna Macdonald and Molly

Camera operator for At 5 months footage: Danny Williams

Writing: Anna Macdonald and Mark Whitelaw

Production: Sam Heitzman

Things that start slowly: 2010

(Moving image 9m 30s)

Nominated for the International Videodance awards, Barcelona

I just wanted to say that I looked at your film Things That Start Slowly last night and was very moved by it’