See me: 2015

(Proposal for new

durational Moving image work)

a constantly changing series of portraits that come and go next to a continuously turning moon.

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’The moon and the infant are not one, any more than the mother and child are. But they hold each other, regard each other, and belong to each other.’ (Metcalfe and Ferguson, 2001:253) 

This moving image/installation focuses on the gaze of the parent as a form of ‘holding’ that contains the child. As children we openly ask to be seen, an act that gets harder as we get older. One half of the work shows a rotating moon. Its circle form separates an inside from an outside tapping into connotations of restriction, protection and maternal containment. The moon is always there, and it is always separate from us, offering comfort in its constancy. The other side of the diptych will be a series of portraits of people who have lost their parents. It will involve pictures of them doing or showing things that they would have wanted them to see. These portraits will be produced through an open call to the general public. These might involve activities, physical features or skills that exemplify the ways in which they resemble, don’t resemble or have surpassed their parents. It may be things they are proud of or ashamed of. It might be a simple portrait to camera. If you are interesting in being involved in this project then please contact me on