This was a pilot collaborative project between socio-legal scholar prof. Marie Jacob ( and myself in which we combined our respective socio-legal, and somatic perspectives to create an interdisciplinary exploration of the notion of integrity. I was commissioned by Keele University to generate a series of moving image works that explored the way notions of integrity are embedded in physical and material ways in the everyday work of those involved in knowledge generation. Responding to Jacob’s research into the material practices of regulation, the artworks focus on the aesthetic dimensions of different forms of lines within research practice such as highlights, lines that delete/strikethrough, the alignment of the writing body and guidelines that orient action. We explored what these lines might reveal about institutional and individual notions of integrity and the relationships between them. 

The pilot culminated in a Lines and Integrity symposium on June 29th 2016 where experts from the fields of art, somatics, law, literature and ethics were invited to talk about what the artworks provoked for them in terms of their own perception of integrity within their field/work.  People invited included Kirsty Alexander, Bobbie Farsides, Rajmil Fishman, Mihaela Kelemen, Jane Linden, Catherine Merrick, Ceri Morgan, Mariangela Palladino, Amy Voris, Charlotte Waelde, Bob Whalley and Tim Ingold.

‘What I find so interesting is the gestural expressiveness of the strikethrough, the speed and aggression with which is slices through and across a line of walking, thinking or writing (beautifully brought out in the first of Anna’s films). Yet the interesting thing is that the slice is longitudinal rather than lateral – along the grain, so to speak. It made me think of slicing timber with an axe (as opposed to cutting across the grain with a saw). The axe passes in an instant through material that has taken years to grow. But with split timber, you can still use the pieces. By contrast, lines of writing split lengthwise are not decomposed into their elements (words or letters) but killed off, like the body with a samurai sword. The writing is killed without being erased. Lots of things to think about there!’ Tim Ingold  (Chair in Social Anthropology at the University of Aberdeen)

Screens 1, 2 and 3: Singing in the rain

Trying, pretending, concealing, enjoying not taking due care

Singing in the rain (Fraudulent) (1m 19)

Singing in the rain (Careless, Questionable. Fraudulent)  (1m 43)

Screen 4: Deletion, knowledge and process idea (1m 32)

Time, writing, permanence

Screen 5: Strike though studies

Strike through, transparency, accountability, death

Walk (strike through with digital line) (1m 11)

Walk (strike through with pen) (1m 18)

Walk (redaction) (1m 11)

Walk (fading out) (44s)

Screen 6 I made everything (24. 34 min)

Envy, achievement, integrity, validation, work

Materials: Performer, diet coke, table, text

Screen 7 High Noon (M and A) (2m 49)

Integrity, alignment, reaching, dishonour

Materials: Chair, woman, young girl, lines, suspended pen.