One Autumn, a group of people of different ages were invited to stand underneath a tree, and try and catch the leaves as they fell. Although it is almost impossible to predict when leaves will fall, it is equally hard not to believe that, if you just wait long enough or look hard enough, you won’t eventually get one. As such this film provokes ideas about luck, chance and how far we feel we determine our successes. It looks at the complexity of uncertainty and the physicality of hope.

I will not hope: 2013

(Moving image 6m 5s)

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2016 Kinono Arts Festival, Tinos

2015 Phoenix Art Gallery, Brighton

2014 Art Currents Gallery, New York

2014 8th Audio-visual Festival, Ionian Institute, Corfu

2014 Artist’s Film Festival, SIdny-Cooper Gallery, Kent

2013 Miden Video Art Festival, Greece

2013 Canned Film Festival, Artworks Studios, Cheshire

2013 Process/product: Axis Arts Centre, Cheshire