Circling forms part of an Institute of Liberal Arts and Sciences Fellowship awarded to Anna Macdonald by Keele University. The project is a collaboration between Dr Anna Macdonald (MMU), who specialises in somatic and digital arts practices, and Dr Ceri Morgan (Keele University), who specialises in geopoetics and creative writing practice. The project brings together the investigators’ distinct arts-based practices in order to develop a new interdisciplinary methodology that will expose and re-imagine individuals’ embodied experience of the journeys associated with chronic pain conditions, focusing on the act of walking.

Working with two to three participants who self-identify as living with chronic pain, the project uses arts-based research methods (walking workshops and digital arts practice) to explore the pathways people move along, connected to the management of chronic pain. For example, the research looks at ways of visualizing the routes from GP to chemist, recreational walks, and more abstract movement within NHS pain management pathways. The research also explores how people with chronic pain move along those pathways, finding ways to expose and consider non-normative ways of moving.

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CIrcling: ILAS Fellowship 2018/19