After Mrs Mills: 2016

(Moving image 2m 37s)

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June -August 2018 Video Art Miden, Greece

Feb 2018 Festival CIne-corps, Paris

Nov 2017 Movimiento Movimiento on-line permanent Gallery, Mexico.

Oct 2017 Regardes Hybrides, Montreal

Sept 2017 I Made Everything (solo exhibition)

Dec 2016  Home, Manchester

Nov 2016 Muestro Movimiento Audio Visual Festival, Mexico

August 2016  Shrine, AWOL studios / Hope Mill, Manchester

After Mrs Mills mixes domestic and artistic labour. It directly references two works made by the artists that have had the most profound influence on my practice; Spanish dance (1978) by Trisha Brown’s and Café Muller (1978) by Pina Bausch. It also references the music of Mrs Mills, another hardworking woman, who my mother would play over the speakers in the memorial hall where she ran her indoor market.

After Mrs Mills was commissioned by curator Amy Voris for A Shrine to Women’s Work, which brings together works from eleven artists who have reflected upon matrilineal influences in their own working / playing lives. Such influences include the work / play of mothers, grandmothers and great-grandmothers and also the ‘grandmothers’ of each artist’s artform(s) – or artistic lineages. Each contributor has made something that incorporates selected aspects of this embodied and relational history